joe-hakesJoe Hakes’ career in college athletics stretches over 30 years. After being named to his first head coaching job at age 28, Joe’s versatility opened doors to two decades of coaching both genders as well as both team and individual sports. Winning a national championship in women’s basketball, Hakes was also named as an NAIA District Coach of the Year for men’s soccer. His strong emphasis on blending the athletic experience with academic success encouraged his athletes to succeed in the classroom as well as on the field and court.

Hakes’ leadership skills among his peers made for a natural transition to the athletic director positions that he has held for 24 years in a variety of institutions. Along the way, he has led efforts in strategic planning, facility planning, construction and upgrading, and fundraising at the institutional level, while being tapped to contribute to strategic planning at the conference level. In addition, he has been asked to serve on search committees for conference commissioners as a member administrator. He has also served a term on the NCAA DIII Men’s Soccer Committee, chairing that committee in his final year of service.

As athletic director he has been involved in personnel decisions, department re-structuring, fundraising, strategic planning, as well as being involved in campus-wide self-study and accreditation processes.

Believing that a college athletic program should desire the same outcomes as its host institution, while competing successfully in the arena, Hakes sees the necessity of an efficient and effective program. With special interests in strategic planning and athletic department mission, his depth of experience and evaluative ability allows him to see the big picture and create roadmaps to an agreed upon standard of success.

"By using their [ASC's] knowledge to get to our short list of candidates that fit what we sought in an athletic director, we easily spent half the amount of time that is normally required in a search like this.   Additionally, they enhanced the pool of by bringing several qualified candidates to the finalist list.  Showing that they know talent, two of the individuals that they sought out, and applied to our position, were hired by and are current NCAA Division II AD’s.  Our search finished with securing a quality hire.  If our institution ever needed to conduct a search for an athletic director, we would without question use the services of ASC."

Kelli Shuman
Director, Human Resources

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology