unk football field scaledThe leadership at Athletics Staffing and Consultants (ASC) knew there needed to be a more representative way to serve the needs of small college athletics in the area of administrative hires. Senior level administrative positions at small colleges and universities can serve extremely important roles on respective campuses and bad hires can be unsettling and disrupting to the work flow of an institution. When these institutions are trying to determine if they are going to use search firms for administrative hires, the cost has been often prohibitive, because they did not know there were options.  ASC has developed a modified search that meets the needs of leadership in small colleges and universities.

This modified search allows schools to secure ASC services in attracting quality candidates to the pool that would not normally apply.  ASC provides its institutional clients valuable information about those candidates that apply online. With ASC administering these roles, it still allows the institution to conduct their normal interviews using established search committees for the actual hires. The institutional administration still conducts the actual search and has ownership in the selection while ASC helps save hundreds of hours of vetting candidates. ASC also greatly enhances the pool of candidates including areas of diversity and experience among others.  This mutually beneficial process allows affordable services for respective institutions.   Modified searches by ASC are nearly a third of the cost of full searches, ranging from $3,800 to $4,500 based on the full scope of responsibilities desired by the athletic conference or respective institution.

Over the past three months, ASC has been involved in ten searches for small college athletics with six of them in NCAA Division II.  A majority of the following searches were conducted in modified format:

     Auburn University at Montgomery (AD)
     Lincoln Memorial University (AD)
     Metropolitan State University – Denver (AD)
     Lone Star Conference (Commissioner)
     University of Nebraska-Kearney (Associate AD)
     Colorado State University-Pueblo (Associate AD)

ASC recently helped a Division II institution conduct a search using the modified approach that had over 110 online applications. Once this list was evaluated by ASC, while working in conjunction with the search committee chair, it was determined that only two candidates would be considered in a group of initial finalists. ASC then supplemented this pool with four candidates it had identified and encouraged to apply for this position. In the end, three of the four finalists were ASC produced candidates including the individual the institution ultimately hired.

For more information about these modified searches, contact Dr. Kurt Patberg, Senior Vice President, Athletics Staffing and Consultants at 404-434-5146 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"By using their [ASC's] knowledge to get to our short list of candidates that fit what we sought in an athletic director, we easily spent half the amount of time that is normally required in a search like this.   Additionally, they enhanced the pool of by bringing several qualified candidates to the finalist list.  Showing that they know talent, two of the individuals that they sought out, and applied to our position, were hired by and are current NCAA Division II AD’s.  Our search finished with securing a quality hire.  If our institution ever needed to conduct a search for an athletic director, we would without question use the services of ASC."

Kelli Shuman
Director, Human Resources

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology