QueensSign2 scaled(March 18, 2016) Five different institutions representing seven different searches representing three different divisions in two national associations have used Kurt Patberg of ASC to conduct recent coaching searches for their institutions from December 1, 2015 through today. Those searches include NCAA Division II schools Northwood University (women’s volleyball) and Queens University of Charlotte (women’s volleyball and women’s basketball); NCAA Division III institutions Agnes Scott College (women’s volleyball) and Huntingdon College (women’s soccer and men’s basketball); and NAIA institution Loyola University of New Orleans (track and field).

All of the above searches are of the modified version which helps the schools identify talented candidates that would not apply on their own, vet the initial candidate pool and then work with the school until the finalist group is identified. ASC then backs out of the process and lets the administration at each institution make their own decisions on the final hire.

The institutions use ASC for various reasons but mostly due to its ability to locate those “next tier candidates” in a short amount of time. Schools hire ASC for difficult searches as well when the current staff has limited time to conduct an important but time sensitive search. Several of the schools that are clients for this service have athletic directors that have other major roles such as coaching or need to be focusing on other timely responsibilities.

Mike Turk, Director of Athletics at Huntingdon College stated, "Kurt has been extremely helpful in both developing and vetting a deep and talented pool of applicants for each search that he has helped us with.  He possesses a network that, coupled with his work ethic, has allowed us to identify and hire quality coaches on each assignment."

"By using their [ASC's] knowledge to get to our short list of candidates that fit what we sought in an athletic director, we easily spent half the amount of time that is normally required in a search like this.   Additionally, they enhanced the pool of by bringing several qualified candidates to the finalist list.  Showing that they know talent, two of the individuals that they sought out, and applied to our position, were hired by and are current NCAA Division II AD’s.  Our search finished with securing a quality hire.  If our institution ever needed to conduct a search for an athletic director, we would without question use the services of ASC."

Kelli Shuman
Director, Human Resources

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology