Institutional Consulting


rowanFeasibility Studies

ASC can assist colleges and universities that are considering making adjustments in their intercollegiate athletic programs—adjustments that will impact the manner in which the institution does business for years to come. Our experienced group of professionals will explore numerous possibilities and provide to the administration information necessary to make the proper decisions.  Individuals who have lived through these processes will conduct the studies.

  • Transitioning from membership in one division/national affiliation to another: ASC studies have helped institutions decide on transitioning from NAIA to NCAA and from NCAA II to NCAA I. We have also assisted universities in determining that a move was not in the best interest of the institution at that time and have suggested improvements to make the current situation the best it could be while, simultaneously, enhancing its position to become more a viable candidate for a transition should that be desired in the future.
  • Determining the most effective conference alignment for an institution: Armed with the knowledge gained as former conference commissioners, the ASC staff understands the ins and outs of conference affiliation. ASC studies have helped, and will continue to help, institutions choose conferences that are best for them in terms of cost, competition, travel, academics, etc.
  • Facilities: Our studies determine institutional needs and help prevent investments that may not be favorable to the institution. Our staff has provided information that guided institutions as they made decisions on facilities costing millions of dollars.
  • Adding or dropping sports: There are no tougher decisions than whether to add or discontinue particular sports. It is always helpful when an outside party objectively provides information and facts so the institution can make these very serious decisions wisely. We look at all aspects (finances, facilities, personnel, student welfare, enrollment, public relations, etc.) and provide information necessary for the institution’s leadership to make an informed decision.

ASC has conducted many of these studies and is cognizant of their importance in determining the future of athletic programs at institutions.  Our staff, having been in senior level positions such as conference commissioners and athletics directors, has firsthand experience in implementing changes thus knows what is needed in the studies to assist in making informed decisions. We know where to find benchmarking data; we know who to ask and what questions to ask; and we know how to compile and present the data in a way that is clear and understandable to interested constituencies.

Strategic Plans

Understanding the mission of an institution is critical for any athletics department so it can move forward in a positive manner that assists in the overall mission of the institution. Institutions benefit when the entire administrative staff and the student-athletes who represent them have similar visions and understand how to work to attain that vision. ASC has conducted numerous plans that assisted institutions in determining a vision to which everyone at the colleges and universities can commit. We study the history of the department to see what has been successful, what needs to be tweaked, and what needs to be revamped. We determine what is important to the institution and find ways to get them where they want to be. We will do this through:

  • Campus visits – discussions and documentations reviews with executive administrators, athletic department administrators, coaches, student-athletes, and other pertinent constituencies.
  • Benchmarking and comparisons with other colleges and universities with similar visions.
  • Compilation of data which helps determine the overall vision, the goals, and objectives that should be developed.

The final study will be a concise document that will set goals and objectives, determine responsibilities and timelines, and recommend the best ways to implement the plan.

Compliance Review

It is important to have outside eyes review the manner in which administrators comply with the national association, conference, and institutional policies and procedures. ASC reviews documents and discusses issues with executive administrators, athletic department administrators, coaches, student-athletes, admissions personnel, financial aid personnel, registrar personnel, and other constituencies. Our team will be able to determine whether or not the institution is compliant.

Reclassification Studies and Transition Assistance

The staff of ASC specializes in studies for institutions considering reclassifying from one NCAA division to another or considering a move from NAIA to NCAA or vice versa. ASC has helped institutions make these transitions and even assisted institutions in getting years waived from their transition period. ASC principals have served on the national association membership committees, site review teams, and management councils, which assists our clients when preparing reclassification studies and affords them outstanding transition assistance.

Title IX, Gender Equity Reviews

Due to changing campus demographics, about every five years athletic departments should have an outside organization conduct a Title IX and gender equity review. It is extremely important to be proactive in making sure that institutions are in compliance with Title IX regulations and have gender equity throughout their athletic departments. ASC can determine what an institution is doing correctly and what areas need improvement. After conducting campus visits to review documentation, evaluate the facilities and have discussions with executive administrators, athletics administrators, coaches, student-athletes and other pertinent constituencies, ASC can assist in developing a plan to change policies and procedures thus improving the athletic department and preventing issues before they occur.

Workplace Sensitivity Training

Having a workplace in which employees are comfortable is very important in making successful athletic departments. Through workplace sensitivity training sessions, ASC devises a plan to make the institution’s workplace environment acceptable to all.

muwManual Development

Each athletics department should have comprehensive manuals in the areas of compliance, policies and procedures, and student-athlete welfare. It is important that administrators, coaches, and student-athletes understand what is expected of them. A compliance manual, policy & procedures manual and student handbook should make these expectations clear. The staff of ASC can produce one or all of these documents or enhance an institution’s current manuals or handbook.

Facility Enhancement Studies

The administration should not build a facility they may regret soon after it is opened. The staff at ASC can help a college or university administration determine what facility is right for the institution. The staff visits the campus to determine the long-term and short-term uses for the facility. ASC will look at budgets; and then, if desired by the institution, assist in finding an architectural firm that can put dreams on paper.

Fundraising Strategies

Every college or university needs a fundraising strategy. We at ASC can assist institutions in maximizing their potential in raising revenue for athletics departments. ASC has a history of significantly increasing institutional fundraising for scholarships, facilities, personnel and operations by assisting institutions in finding new revenue sources and increasing gifts from previous donors.

Department/Athletic Director Leadership

Tim Selgo provides this area of consulting which includes but is not limited to strategic planning, hiring the right people, staff development, marketing and promotions, fundraising, and the most effective ways to communication with all institutional constituent groups.

"I expected a quality study from Dr. Patberg from ASC, because of his knowledge of the issues and the kinds of questions he was asking during the process of evaluating our athletic affiliation options.  But when I received the final report I was overwhelmed at both the depth, breadth, and actionable insights he gathered from the analysis. His work was exactly what a university president and board needed to tackle the complex decisions demanded of athletics.  ASC and Patberg consulting with us was the single best investment I ever could have made in the future of our athletic program."

Dr. Roger Parrott
Belhaven University