ASC Enrollment Consulting

Dr. Kurt Patberg of Athletics Staffing and Consultants (ASC) has an extensive collegiate athletic and higher education background that provides him the ability to draw upon his unique experiences and knowledge to enhance admission and retention rates at smaller institutions. Through a comprehensive and coordinated approach with the institution’s senior leadership and its department of athletics, ASC can assist in maximizing enrollment and retention revenues through the use of athletics.

ASC consultants have found there are some highly talented and quality personnel in the senior level administration at institutions that have general knowledge of how sports can enhance enrollment but may not have the athletic background to understand the challenges that this presents to its athletic programs. Likewise, there are quality athletic administrators at many of these smaller, mostly private, colleges and universities who often have limited understanding of the admissions complexities. These athletic administrators are concerned about implementing programs that can have success with regard to wins and losses and generally do not fully understanding the importance that these programs can have in helping the institution in meeting its strategic objectives and enrollment and retention goals. It is also commonly found that these two groups on campus do not work in tandem as well as they should. We also find that institutions are trying to find a balance between the impact aid to athletes can have on the discount rates and contribution margins and the competitiveness of the teams. These factors and others contribute to the institution’s ability to retain student athletes based on the quality of their experiences.

ASC Staff Expertise
Patberg has worked with numerous small, private institutions, in both formal and informal roles,, assisting them with how to best utilize athletics to enhance enrollment and retention rates. He has gained a tremendous knowledge base over the years by meeting with enrollment experts and attending enrollment management seminars, as well as through his hands-on work with various small colleges and universities both as a commissioner and as a consultant. Patberg is one of the very few individuals in the country that specializes in helping the senior level management at institutions develop a plan that will maximize the use of athletics in the enrollment and retention processes at private colleges and universities. This upcoming July, Patberg will be a primary presenter at the Small College Enrollment Management Conference on this topic.

“In my former role as a commissioner, I have helped institutions improve their organizations through their athletic programs. It has been an important and enjoyable part of my life. To continue my passion of seeing academic institutions grow and thrive, I joined ASC. This allowed me to use my unique knowledge base to assist institutions in reaching their goals in through enrollment and retention.“
Kurt Patberg, Ph.D.

"I was very pleased to receive our report on athletic enrollment consultation from Dr. Patberg.  What he provided is more than I expected—not just theory or observations, but the context and real insight that helps our institution and an athletics program struggling to take the next major step up in performance."

Dr. Margaret A. Huber
Presentation College