"I was very pleased to receive our report on athletic enrollment consultation from Dr. Patberg.  What he provided is more than I expected—not just theory or observations, but the context and real insight that helps our institution and an athletics program struggling to take the next major step up in performance."

Dr. Margaret A. Huber
President, Presentation College

Presentation 2 scaledAs a special project for five Georgia Institute of Technology students majoring in computer science, ASC will gain access to a specialty database used to monitor the retention of athletes at private enrollment driven colleges and universities. This database is being produced based off field experiences that ASC has gained in the field of consulting institutions that are attempting to maximize the use of athletics as an enrollment and retention tool.

This special tool will allow the enrollment and athletic administrators to run reports based on data entered into the database. These reports can categorize the report by year (s), sport (s), sex, and graduation date. Additionally these reports can provide reports based on reasons the athletes for left, type of students left, and whether these athletes stayed in school after they moved away from competitive intercollegiate athletics. This data base will be available in January 2016 to existing and future clients of ASC and be available to purchase for a nominal price to non-clients of ASC. Inquiries can be made to Dr. Kurt Patberg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..