"I was very pleased to receive our report on athletic enrollment consultation from Dr. Patberg.  What he provided is more than I expected—not just theory or observations, but the context and real insight that helps our institution and an athletics program struggling to take the next major step up in performance."

Dr. Margaret A. Huber
President, Presentation College

ashlandAshland University has secured the services of Dr. Kurt Patberg of Athletics Staffing and Consultants to assist with an analysis of student-athlete enrollment processes and to conduct an athletic departmental review. Patberg visited campus from February 20-22 and is in the process of delivering the final product to the Ashland administration during this month of April.

Ashland University, like many institutions, is addressing the changes that are present to NCAA Division II institutions due to the new financial aid legislation that goes into effect for the 2018-19 academic year. Additionally, the administration at Ashland has recommitted to its membership in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference following a comprehensive assessment of conference options and this review follows that recommitment.

Dr. Kurt Patberg is the Senior Vice President of Athletics Staffing and Consultants and is based out of Atlanta. Patberg a former long-time NCAA Division II commissioner has been consulting for seven years and works exclusively with non-Division I institutions and conferences.