"I expected a quality study from Dr. Patberg from ASC, because of his knowledge of the issues and the kinds of questions he was asking during the process of evaluating our athletic affiliation options.  But when I received the final report I was overwhelmed at both the depth, breadth, and actionable insights he gathered from the analysis. His work was exactly what a university president and board needed to tackle the complex decisions demanded of athletics.  ASC and Patberg consulting with us was the single best investment I ever could have made in the future of our athletic program."

Dr. Roger Parrott
President, Belhaven University

eckerd college entrance sign 58b5c4685f9b586046c9fcc2During the period of time that Eckerd College is working with an interim athletic director, their senior leadership has commissioned ASC to work with the administration involved in the oversight of athletics to provide an assessment of its athletic department and programs. This assessment is to determine how athletics can best operate and contribute to the goals and mission of the institution. This assessment will also focus on issues that will make the institution more efficient while taking full advantage of the use of athletics to attract and retain quality students at Eckerd College. Included in the assessment is a review of processes and procedures within the athletic department and the departments responsible for enrollment and retention.