kurt-patbergDr. Kurt Patberg has over 30 plus years of college athletic experience both on campus and in conference commissioner positions in the NCAA and in the NAIA. Prior to joining ASC, Patberg has exhibited expertise and has consulted in many different areas in small college athletics on topics ranging from conference affiliation and expansion, to NCAA and NAIA transitions, to feasibility of football, to the use of athletics to drive admissions and retention at enrollment driven institutions.

Patberg’s has been commissioner of the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC) a leadership position he held from early 2008 to 2012. Patberg, through corporate marketing ventures and membership expansion, lead the conference to become one of the stronger conferences in the NAIA. While in this role, he served on the NAIA National Administrative Counsel, National Letter of Intent Committee, Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) Executive Committee, and is chair-elect of the CCA. One committee is studying the need for a National Letter of Intent program and the other two committees are CCA committees relating to national marketing programs and championship sport sponsorship requirements.

Prior to joining the SSAC, Patberg spent seven years as the general manager of Competitive Resources which at the time was the leading career and placement service in the country for persons with competitive athletic experiences. During that time, he also assisted in the areas of career development and placement, primarily for collegiate athletes. He was one of the primary designers of the SCORE programs, a seminar that assists student athletes in preparing for professional careers after their days as student-athletes. He also served for two years as a lead speaker at the NCAA Career Connections, a special conference for young adults attempting to enter the collegiate sports ranks.

Patberg has served on multiple committees and associations. Among them are: Chick-fil-A Bowl Selection Committee [nine years], Southern Catholic University Athletic Consultation Team, Colonial Athletic Association Basketball Championships Tournament Committee, and Colorado Springs Sports Corporation Board of Directors. He is currently Co-Director of Patberg Sports Enterprises.

In addition to the years Patberg served as commissioner of SSAC, he served as commissioner of two NCAA Division II conferences—the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (1997-2000) and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (1991-1997). Patberg has been a pioneer in several areas of conference office operations. The league he led was the first non-Division I conference to implement career development for its athletes, and his conferences were the first NCAA II and NAIA conferences to implement weekly television highlight- and feature-based programs. He is widely known for his success in the areas of corporate partnership and sponsorship development.

“In my former role as a conference commissioner, I helped institutions improve their organizations through their athletic programs. It was an important and enjoyable part of my life. To continue my passion of seeing academic institutions grow and thrive, I joined ASC. This opportunity is allowing me to use my unique knowledge base to assist institutions and conferences in reaching their goals with regard to their intercollegiate athletic programs” said Patberg.

Patberg received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Evansville (1981) and continued his studies as a master’s level student in sports administration at Ohio University. In 2001 he completed his PH.D. in Kinesiology with emphasis on Higher Education and Sports Administration at the University of Minnesota.