ASC Offers Three Types of Job Searches

  1. Comprehensive Search
  2. Modified Search
  3. Candidate Pool

 1) Comprehensive SearchLuekens

A comprehensive search includes identifying, evaluating, and interviewing candidates as well as conducting background checks and negotiating terms of the contract.


2) Modified Search

One of our most popular, the modified search gives the institution’s committee the option to participate in the search as much or as little as they wish by selecting certain aspects of the job search such as posting the job announcement, vetting finalists with input from ASC, organizing and conducting interviews, negotiating terms of the contract, etc. to be carried out by the institution. A modified search has been especially valuable for institutions with limited budgets who are involved in searches for such positions as athletic directors and who understand the value of input from consultants. This process allows the search committee to proceed with its normal processes while using ASC to provide valuable information about applicants from sources in the industry who can and will give frank and accurate information and to provide additional candidates who may not have submitted an application without specific knowledge about the position. This process can enhance the candidate pool and save committee members time that can be channeled into other areas of the search more suited and better handled by on-campus committee members. ASC will tailor its search to meet the client’s desires and needs.


3) Candidate Pool

Another popular, and least expensive service, is to provide a prospective candidate list. ASC uses its contacts to develop a diverse pool of candidates who could be interested in the position. After identifying the prospective candidates, ASC contacts each one to discuss the position and see if they have an interest. ASC is proud of is its pledge to promote diversity. For many universities it is difficult to compile a diverse group of candidates. Athletic directors and presidents often spend countless hours trying to diversify their pool of applicants. Let ASC do the work for you. ASC’s prospective candidate list will bring a qualified and diverse pool of applicants so the search committee has multiple options for the ideal fit.

Depending on needs and financial capabilities, ASC can conduct a comprehensive search, a modified search or offer a list of diverse and qualified candidates who fit the needs of your institution or conference. With vast group of contacts, ASC will be able to search and place proper personnel in positions within the athletics department including coaches, athletics administrators (athletics directors, senior women administrators, business managers, compliance directors, fundraisers, sports information directors, trainers, etc.), and conference administrators. Again, what makes ASC unique is the fact that we will design a search that is cost effective for your situation and your needs.

"By using their [ASC's] knowledge to get to our short list of candidates that fit what we sought in an athletic director, we easily spent half the amount of time that is normally required in a search like this.   Additionally, they enhanced the pool of by bringing several qualified candidates to the finalist list.  Showing that they know talent, two of the individuals that they sought out, and applied to our position, were hired by and are current NCAA Division II AD’s.  Our search finished with securing a quality hire.  If our institution ever needed to conduct a search for an athletic director, we would without question use the services of ASC."

Kelli Shuman
Director, Human Resources

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology